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Specializing in Buyouts, Closeouts, Overstocks & Overruns

Inventory Management

Specializing in Buyouts, Closeouts, Overstocks & Overruns


Specializing in Buyouts, Closeouts, Overstocks & Overruns

R&M Group is a leading provider of liquidation and asset recovery services, assisting manufacturers, retailers and distributors in disposing of their excess inventory. We provide turnkey solutions that enable companies selling inventory to generate maximum cash flow. At some point all companies need to dispose of inventory for some reason and we want to help maximize your return!

We provide a complete end-to-end solution and will acquire and dispose of inventory via outright purchase, joint partnership sales with the seller, sales to third parties and charitable contributions. R&M Group manages the complete distribution channel by warehousing, marketing, selling, and shipping the merchandise. We are unique in that we offer multiple online and traditional distribution channels, all while providing for the complete anonymity of our clients, thus preventing channel conflicts.

Energizer Battery Company, Inc.

« After working with numerous other companies over the years, it is comforting to have R&M Goup as a reliable resource that respects our traditional distribution channels. I look forward to continuing to work closely together. »

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We are very flexible and deals can be structured in a number of ways, depending on your financial requirements and product recovery timeline, including